Combining audio, drawing, performance, sculpture, and video works created over a 6 month residency, ALTAR, is an immersive installation exploring action, class, ecology, race, and space.
The objects presented in the installation are taken directly from performances and research. The combined works present an open narrative around the body, service, society, and spirituality. The work places the viewer inside a sacred space that calls to the extra sensory presence that surrounds us. Taking the form of the altar presents the notion of sacrifice, ceremony, divining, prayer, and in all these forms seek activation through contact with the body.

ALTAR Performances

Planned performances for the residency are as follows.

- A dinner exploring the relationship between food and ritual.

- A procession through the city of Paris exploring key architectural sites to
the black experience and its intersection with society.

- A poetry performance with musical accompaniment.

ALTAR will be hosted by the Institut Français/Cité Internationale des arts in Paris, France from January 9 through July 4, 2020.

To raise funds for this project I will be producing an edition of 60 prints detailing the research and execution of this project. Each print is priced at $170 in the hopes of raising $10200 for ALTAR. If you would like to support this project but cannot make the $170 donation, please give what you can afford and you too will receive an exclusive artwork for your support of the project. The goal of ALTAR is to keep the ideas fresh, moving, and evocative, that is my goal.
Thank you for your support.

To view the complete proposal or any other questions please contact